Due to the ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 / Coronavirus, I am no longer doing face-to-face sessions due to the risk of spread of the virus.

I am working from home and following the Charted Society of Physiotherapy Guidelines and will resume when it has been indicated it is safe to do so.

The Good news is Online Sports Physiotherapy Consultations are now Available with me via Zoom.

Please get in touch directly for details or book now link via book now link above.

I am happy to help you in any way I can, and can apply my knowledge and experience to many sports.

I have a special interest in Collision Sports Diagnosis, Management, Rehabilitation and Injury reduction strategies.

My experience has predominantly been in Elite Rugby but I have been able to help people across a number of contact/collision sports previously online with Diagnosis and Rehabilitation.

I have been performing face to face and remote consultations with the Russian Rugby Team since November 2018, and have developed a good system of communication and remote rehabilitation delivery/service.

I offer the ability to look at the bigger picture with any Diagnosis issues, Rehabilitation problems and Return to Play/Work/Performance decisions.

I can provide Management options, second opinions, rehabilitation plans and self-treatment options.

Individualised Rehab coaching can be organised along with Bespoke Rehab Videos for your injury.

Please Get in touch and I am happy to discuss further.

It is a challenging time for all those people who careers involve sport, coaching sport and caring for athletes across the world at all levels from Kids to Elite.

I am happy to help and support you 1-1 and ongoing as required.

Please enjoy my Blog on prevention of Rugby injuries

Thank you all and stay safe, fit and healthy.

Best Wishes