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A Real World Scientific based approach to Injury Recovery!

My approach to Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sports Injuries is based on an honest, open and contemporary physiotherapy and rehabilitation approach. I synthesise the best research evidence available , with my clinical experience of 20 years and match that to your individual needs and goals.

Christopher Jenkins - Physiotherapist

I can help you with

Accurate Diagnosis, Management options, Onward Referral, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Independent Self Management advice and planning.

Honesty is key to my approach and Realistic timeframes/ Prognosis.


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Online Consultations

Online consultations and Remote Rehabilitation Solutions available worldwide

2nd Opinion Service

Face to face or via phone, I would like to listen to your issue and advise based on evidence/experience in this profession.


This is key to effective injury/condition management. I pride myself in this area with excellent Diagnostic skills/experience.


Education, Pain Relief options, Rehabilitation, Load management and modified training that is individualized to your needs.

Return to Play

Performance Assessments: Through my experience of working with excellent S+C Coaches, Sports Therapists, Sports Coaches, Doctors and Surgeons, I have developed a good system of criteria based progressions that lead to you performing at your best when you return to sport or work!

Strength & Conditioning

Through my experience of working with Elite Rugby S+C/Fitness coaches, I can help get you back on track with them and suggest short term modifications to your program.

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How I can Help you

Working together to achieve great results


Determining What your problem is , Listening to your story without rushing you, making a connection how I can help.

Needs Analysis

Matching your condition to your individual needs, your work or hobby/sport and life demands.


This means returning to normal for you, whatever that might be!

Specialist Referral

Helping you decide who you should see based on your individual circumstances! Injection vs Rest Vs Surgery vs Rehabilitation — this is an area of expertise of mine after working as a medical manager within in Elite Rugby.

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How to prevent/reduce Sports Injury after Athletic during the C-19 lock-down

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